Q: When I'm trying to run elastix I get an error 'OpenCL.dll' is missing, what's going on?

A: You are most likely missing the latest graphics card drivers, download the latest drivers for your graphics card and install them. If this doesn’t help your graphics card is probably not compatible with elastix.

Q: When I try to activate my new license I get an error message saying that my license has expired, how do I solve this?

A: This is likely because you have upgraded from a alpha or beta version of MICE Toolkit. Delete the file typically named ‘c:/users/username/appdata/roaming/mice/settings.dat’. This means you will have to re-add your databases.

Q: I just signed up for a license, where do I find my license key?

A: You receive a license key with your purchase receipt and you can always find your license key in your user space on


Q: We are several colleagues who all want licenses and the possibility of expedited support, is that possible?

A: Of course! Use the contact form to describe your needs and we will tailor group licenses and support contracts according to your needs

Q: Is it possible to pay using bank transfer or a standard invoice?

A: Yes, we accommodate both options, simply contact us and we will expedite your request.