1 year subscription to MICE Toolkit Premium for 1 user. Allows the user access to greater functionality for medical image processing. Based on ITK, VTK, elastix and other well known software packages, as well as bespoke functions, it allows for rapid prototyping and research within many areas concerning medical imaging and radiotherapy. Functionalities include:

  • Import of images (.bmp, .jpg, etc), DICOM, MHD, Nrrd, NifTI, OME-TIFF, ORA and CSV.
  • Database handling of DICOM using SQL with import filtering, naming conventions and anonymization.
  • A large library of image filters including denoising, sharpening, segmentation, adding noise, morphological operations and more.
  • Math operations including principal component analysis, fast Fourier transforms and custom expressions.
  • Texture analysis with Haralick features.
  • Image registration with the full elastix functionalities, as well as DEMONS and optical flow algorithms. You can also use DICOM REG-files to apply any registration created with other software.
  • Image manipulation, such resampling, translation, resolution, extracting frames or slices from stacks, image projections, creating 4D-images from 3D-images and more.
  • Extract statistics from images and time series.
  • Quantitative image tools, such as ADC, T1, T2, T2*-mapping, DCE-analysis, B1-corrections for MRI and SUV for PET.
  • Radiotherapy application tools, such as handling of RT-structures, RT-dose, DVH-analysis, gamma analysis, EUD.
  • Handling of binary masks, including Boolean algebra and morphological operations.
  • Handling of vector images and complex images, including commonly used functions such as dot and cross products, Jacobian determinant and phase/magnitude-real/imaginary conversions.
  • Advanced visualization module that can handle multiplanar reconstructions, 3D-visualization with shading, manual segmentation tools which can be used to export the structures as DICOM and multilayer image fusions.

The functionalities that differ between and MICE Toolkit Lite and Premium are:


  • External integrations – you can call external software such as MATLAB or Python from MICE to create your own functionality. Using MATLAB as an example, you can input any data into the integration node, set MICE to open the MATLAB GUI and write a script to perform any operation on your data. Once you’re happy with your solution, close MATLAB and the result and your code will be returned to MICE. Once everything is working as expected, set MICE to not open the MATLAB GUI and it will run in the background as a normal MICE node. Of course, this requires that you have a working MATLAB installation on your system.
  • Extended batching functionalities – you can run your MICE scripts on as many patients as you want, and you can also create custom batches to vary not only patients but other parameters in your nodes.
  • Extended export functionality – you can export as image files, DICOM, MetaIO (.mhd), MATLAB (.mat), RT-struct, STL, .csv and .xls.

You can find the manual here!

Version: 1.0.9